Isra University celebrates its 17th Convocation, 2020

Everything changes with time, except the change itself. We live in an age of innovation and change, and in such an age, the universities have a special obligation. They must hold fast to the best of the past, and do more for the best of the future, said Prof. Dr. Asadullah Kazi, Chancellor, Isra University while presiding over its 17th Convocation of Isra University held on 25 January 2020 at its main campus in Hyderabad.

The Isra University conferred degrees to around 397 students belonging to Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Management Sciences, Electronics, Computer Science, Information Communication Technology and Software Engineering.

While talking about change, Prof. Dr. Asadullah Kazi said that we must get ready for globalization, which is like the river that has burst its banks. He advised that we must learn swimming or else we will be drowned. As a parting message to the students, he said, ‘Work hard to achieve your goals. I want you to become great, as we are optimistic in you. You are the leaders of tomorrow, so get yourself ready to address the challenges of the future.’ He went on and reminded the students their goal as educated citizens, ‘to uphold the image of your country, by letting the world know that we are a peaceful nation.’

Further in his address, he accentuated the importance of education and said that learning is a lifelong process that continues from the cradle to the grave. He urged the students to be competitive and participative in order to extend their knowledge. ‘There can be no development without participation; and there can be no participation without communication, in this age of digital literacy,’ he said.

On this felicitous occasion, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Shaikh, Vice Chancellor, Isra University in his address said that the main purpose of such events is not only to confer degrees on the students but also to honor those who have performed meritoriously.

Prof. Shaikh said that, in the light of a verse from The Holy Quran he said, ‘Knowledge inculcates in a person sense of responsibility and accountability.’ While expressing his expectations of the graduating batch he said, ‘I hope that the graduating students of this University will demonstrate this purpose of the knowledge and will emerge as torch-bearers of truth and be paragons of virtue.’

He also shared the tremendous progress shown by Isra University and the various achievements made over the years. In his closing remarks, he congratulated the graduating students and expressed his good wishes for their future endeavors.

At the convocation, out of 397 graduates, 251 received degree for Bachelor in Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Nursing and Physical Therapy whereas, 10 post graduate degrees were awarded in different programs of Medical and Allied Medical Sciences. Apart from this, one student was also conferred upon a PhD in Basic Medical Sciences.
In addition, 133 received degree for Bachelor and Master in Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Telecommunications. Apart from this, two students were also conferred upon a PhD in Management Sciences.

At the end, awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to the outstanding students for securing positions in their relevant Faculties and Departments. This year, Bilal Asad, a graduate of MBBS program, Kinzaa graduate of BDS program, Sadafa graduate of DPT program, Saba a graduate of BS (Nursing) Program, Asma Akhtar a graduate of BBA program,Sumaiya a graduate of BS(software Engineering), Muhammad Saad a graduate of BS (Information Communication Technology), Hafsa Arif a graduate of BS (Computer Science) and Muhammad Zeeshan a graduate of BE (Electrical Engineering) received Gold Medals, Silver Medals to the outstanding students Huma Mir, a graduate of MBBS program, Rubab Mannan Shaikh a graduate of BDS program, Adnan Sheikh a graduate of DPT program, Zeenat a graduate of BS (Nursing) Program, Saira a graduate of BBA program, Miral Fatima a graduate of BS (Software Engineering), Saher Qazi a graduate of BS (Computer Science) and Maheen a graduate of BE (Electrical Engineering)and the Bronze medal goes to Tanzeela Rafique, a graduate of MBBS program, Amna Riaz a graduate of DPT program, Sumera Naz a graduate of BS (Nursing) Program, Hira Akhtar a graduate of BBA program, Tayyaba Shafique a graduate of BS (Software Engineering), and Iftikhar Ahmed a graduate of BE (Electrical Engineering)

At the convocation besides the dignitaries’ other faculty members, parents and a large number of students were present who were invited for lunch after the Chancellor declared the convocation closed.