Prof. Dr. Nazir Ashraf Laghari
Vice Chancellor
Mr. Zaid Ahmed Laghari 
Managing Director
Prof. Abdul Sattar Memon
Chief Executive Director (Academics)
Engr. Daud Amir Channa
Chief Executive Director
Prof. Dr. Shafi Muhammad Jatoi
Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Prof. Dr. Zahid Iqbal
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry & Allied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafique Abro
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology
Dr. Salman Shafiq
Department of Clinical Dental Sciences
Prof. Rebecca Wilson John
Principal, Isra School of Nursing
Dr. Muhammad Zubair
Principal, Isra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences
Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmed Memon
Chairperson, Department of Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Ahsanullah Baloch
Chairperson, Department of Computer Science
Dr. Qamaruddin Mahar
Dean, Faculty of Business Education, Social Sciences and Humanities
Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon
Mr. Syed Saeeduddin
Director Finance
Mr. Tarique Aziz Samoo
Controller of Examinations
Mr. Kafeel Ahmed
Resident Auditor
Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Lakho
Head Librarian

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