Vice Chancellor’s Message

Dear Students,

You are now a valued student at one of the Pakistan’s most prestigious universities. I can imagine many of you are feeling both excited and perhaps a little anxious about starting your journey as a university student. Let me assure you that you have chosen to study at a globally ranked higher education institution. The University takes great pride in having established strong industry-focused teaching programs and cutting-edge research. As you will soon discover, a university is much more than just a place to acquire knowledge. At Isra, we take pride in being an institution that is open to new ideas and innovative thinking. The world class academic programs undertaken by Isra not only contribute to the creation of new knowledge but also are meant to inspire you, our students, to solve future challenges facing tropical communities and create a brighter future for life in the tropics worldwide. In making your decision, my advice would be firstly to choose the course that is best for you. Choose a course that challenges your curiosity and takes you to where you want to go next in life. Whatever subject you choose, I can say with confidence that your studies at Isra University will be delivered in a supportive environment by a team of excellent staff. Your talents can be fully developed during your time with us. We seek to expand your intellectual capacity by encouraging you to engage our faculty members in thought provoking scholarly discussions and away from the classroom, you will have ample opportunity to participate in activities and programs that will allow you to pursue your interests and enhance your leadership potential. When you come to Isra, you will be investing in your own skills and development, and we will be here to support you to achieve everything you want to. Focus on the positives, because I have no doubt that people with the kind of skills you’ll develop at Isra will be exactly what the world needs when we begin to emerge from this pandemic. Here at the Isra University, the health and wellbeing of our students and colleagues is of paramount importance. At a time of global uncertainty, I’m sure you will agree it is important to take the time to fully consider all options. We are currently making physical changes to all campuses of lsra University to ensure social distancing guidance is easy to implement for students and staff. These include one-way systems, designated entry and exit points, increased signage, and hand sanitizer stations. We also take great pride in bringing together people from all around the Pakistan, with students and staff of different cultures and backgrounds learning from each other. Of course, at least at the start of the next academic year, that may look a little different. I want you to know that we’re not just reshaping the learning experience, we’re also working hard to introduce new ways of helping you to meet, work and socialize with other students. In this Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision 2021 we set out the vision, strategic aims/objectives and measure of success. I am particularly pleased to be able to share this Strategic Vision with you and I am personally committed to help achieve its success. Through our collective efforts and through effective implementation, we can make a difference by creating an environment where we can all enjoy, respect and benefit from our diverse community. The greatest strength of any institution is all its employees. On behalf of the Isra University, I wish you every success in your chosen program at Isra University.

Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi