Academic Advisement form July Semester 2017

It is notified for information of the students of the Faculties of Engineering and Management Sciences that the last date for filling the Academic Advisement forms has been fixed Thursday, 24th August, 2017 without late fees.
They have to pay Exam fees Rs. 3500/‐ along with advisement form. Those students who fail to fill the form within due date will have to pay late fee, as under:

Fee Schedule & Last Date of Submission
Rs. 1200/= Monday, 28th August, 2017
Rs. 2400/= Thursday, 31st August, 2017
Rs. 3500/= Monday, 04th September, 2017
Rs. 10,000/= Thursday, 07th September, 2017

  • The Advisement forms are available in the office of Chairperson and challans are to be received from Admission office.
  • Students are strictly directed to submit their advisement forms along with particulars within due date in their concerned chairperson office. In case they fail to submit form within due date, they will be asked to pay late fee, even they had paid fees within due date.
  • The Students who fail to fill the Academic Advisement forms will not be allowed to appear in the Exam:

Note: Advisement forms will not be accepted after, Thursday, 07th September, 2017.

Controller of Examinations