Press  Release 

Awareness  walk  was held while  observing  SOPS of Covid 19  in Isra University  to creat  general awareness   to make Pakistan  a corruption free society   by  forming character building society  in Isra University  Hyderabad Campus . this  Walk was organized  to implement action plan  received from Sindh Higher Education  Commission  and National  Accountability  Bureau   in which  students  will participate  through speech competition ,essay writing, awareness walks , seminars  , poster competition  and establishment of character Building  societies in its faculties ,.These  character building societies will   work  for better  and corruption free Pakistan . on 24th  November 2020  Isra  University  faculty ,staff, students  held awareness walk  from Block A to Main Gate  led by Registrar  Mr Abdul Qadir Memon, Prof. Subhan Kazi, Col Ret.Dr Iftikhar ,Prof. Hussain Bux Kolachi . Adressing to  the participants  of the walk  Mr Abdul Qadir Memnon  highlighted  that  progress of every society is directly linked to honesty and hard work. There is no place for corruption in Muslim society . He urged students to be  good citizens of Pakistan with excellent character  qualities and be useful to entire society after getting qualification from Isra University  togeather  we can make Pakistan a country  where  corruption  has no place  in its  boundaries . Prof. Hussain Bux Kolachi  speaking to  gathering  said the vice chancellor Prof. Nazeer Ashraf leghari  has vision not to allow corruption  in the day to day services provided by Isra University in the field of Health science, Engineering Sciences ,and Management Sciences .

Prof. Hussain Bux  Kolachi