Prospective Students

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Prospective Students Isra provides medical consultation services to students at 15% of the cost in outpatient and inpatient departments, excluding the cost of treatment and medicine. Furthermore, the students are also entitled to receive 30% discount on all types of investigations, and 30% discount on admissions as indoor patients in the Isra University Hospital.
Prospective Students Student activities are organized by committees / societies / clubs for sports, art and culture, science and technology, debates, literary pursuits and so forth. A member of staff or faculty is assigned to each committee to provide guidance and interface with the University administration. The committees conduct their business within the broad policies of the University.
Prospective Students The University holds its students in high regard, and strongly cares for their well being during their stay here and success in the future. In addition to providing students with facilities for recreation, health care and limited accommodation, the University maintains a strict code of discipline to ensure an orderly environment that is conducive to academic learning.

Housing & Accomodation

Hostel facilities for students are available off campus. Female students are provided accommodation in hostels that are spread over different locations in the city. Shuttle transport is provided to facilitate the pick and drop of hostel students to and from the campus. Male students are assisted in seeking rented accommodation in the city.

The Hostel Form for Girls/Boys may be downloaded for more information. It is suggested that students interested in availing this opportunity should apply ahead of time so necessary arrangements can be made.